SMS Text Message Marketing White Label* Reseller Program

The Best and Most Affordable Text Message Marketing Reseller Program Anywhere!

text message marketing reseller program

Join the exciting SMS text message marketing industry - we make it simple, we make it affordable.

Complete text message marketing program, white labeled* under your own business name, all for one low monthly fee. (available in US only)

recurring revenues with text message marketing

Earn Recurring Monthly Revenues

SMS Text message marketing is huge and you can build an incredible business of recurring monthly revenues by reselling text message marketing services to businesses in your area and across the United States.

Your Text Message Marketing Business

You set your own pricing, collect your customer payments, generate your own revenue! Complete text message marketing program, white labeled* under your own business name, all for one low monthly fee. (available in US only)

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Your Text Message Marketing Reseller Program
Is Loaded With Features

Everything you need to be up and running today!

white label sms marketing control panel

Complete Control Panel

Generate customer sign-up forms, add new customers, access your customer control panels, create customer packages.

comprehensive white label text message marketing reports

Comprehensive Reporting

Track revenues, credit usage, message delivery, landing page views, opt-in and opt-out and more.

text message marketing white label sales center

Fully Loaded Sales Center

Private reseller only sales center loaded with marketing and training materials to help you jump start your text message marketing reseller business.

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Here’s some more things you’ll love.

Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About The Text Message Marketing Reseller Program

What Exactly Do I Get?

Your White Label Text Message Marketing Reseller Account is Pre-Loaded with 10,000 Text Message Credits, 
25 Free Vanity Keyword Credits Per Advertiser ($.50 month each additional vanity keyword per advertiser, unlimited free computer generated keywords)
Free Mobile Website Builder Per Advertiser
Unlimited Free 30 day Trial Accounts
and Unlimited Advertiser Accounts (Simply pay $8 per advertiser account)

How Does It Work?

You sell and set up your own accounts under your own brand*
You Handle All of Your Own Billing
You Setup and Manage Your Own Advertiser Packages 
(Your advertiser packages include the full suite of services we offer - you decide how many vanity keywords, monthly text message credits,  and total package cost to your advertisers)
One-Click Administrative Access to Your Advertiser Accounts (manage them directly, offer support, setup campaigns, etc...)

What Services Do My Customers Get?

Your customers get the most comprehensive text message marketing platform on the planet! Includes a white labeled* text message marketing control panel, coupon builder, kiosk builder, mobile website builder, loyalty program, social plugins, text to screen, real estate listing program, auto dealership listing program, appointment setting manager, sms polls, sms questionnaire, QR codes, Happy Birthday Manager, Auto Responders, Text To Win, Email Integration and Vanity Keywords!

Will a customer I sign up get their own control panel and are there free demo accounts for customers?

Yes, and yes! Each customer you sign up gets their own control panel, custom white labeled welcome emails and more. In fact, your system works exactly the same as our system with all of the same features except it is white labeled in your company name, we are virtually invisible to your customers. You can also offer free 30 day trials to your customers and we do not charge you for trial accounts.

What rates can I charge my customers?

You can charge your customer whatever rates you choose. From within your sms reseller control panel you can create a variety of packages at any rate you choose. We do suggest you keep your rates competitive with your local market. Typical companies are charging anywhere from $39 to $199 per month for text message marketing, depending on the package.

How do I bill my customers?

You would bill your customers separately. We bill you directly for your monthly fee, additional text message credits or vanity keyword credits (if any) and any customer accounts you have. You can bill your customers monthly with recurring billing using Paypal or you can use a merchant processing account and a billing system like we do. We always recommend the WHMCS billing system because we have been using it for years and think it is the best and it supports Paypal and a huge number of merchant processors plus it makes your billing of your customers automated and easy to operate. It's inexpensive and easy to use. We'll even help you set it up and get started using it (for small additional fee) if you need support.

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$199 one-time setup fee, $59 Monthly Network Fee, $8 Per Active Account 
includes private access to our Reseller Marketing Center 
loaded with marketing materials to help you close more deals!

More Questions? Call Us 1-866-622-5710

Demo The White Label Text Message Marketing Reseller Control Panel
No Credit Card Required
(IMPORTANT: Two different email addresses are required to sign up for both demos.
(You must use a different and accessible email address
to sign up for each demo system since they share the same database.
Preferably your main one for the reseller demo and a different one for advertiser demo)

* Your customer control panel is white labeled with your own company logo. You can create a custom URL to point to the login page and obscure us from your customers. Customers see your brand, not ours. For regulatory reasons certain parts are not white labeled but "co-branded". For example, every text message sent requires a regulatory message at the bottom and for legal reasons has our toll free number (sample message: Text Message Marketing Help:Text STOP to stop. Support: 1-866-622-5710. Std msg & data rates apply. Msg frequency depends on acct settings). System emails sent to your customers originate from a generic email domain under our control ( however you can customize the text it sends and any emails a customer sends to this address is forwarded to you automatically. The login link sent to a customer that first registers in your system is co-branded (ex: however you can subsequently point customers to a white-labeled link from your website or emails via a redirect using your own custom url.
You may or may not make money with this system. Your ability to earn a return is based upon your own efforts and ability to sell the service. Some do well, some do very well and some don't do anything at all. We cannot guarantee anything except that we are providing you with a comprehensive platform, a system that works and a program that is highly competitive to other platforms on the market. We support you in every way we can but you are independent and in full control over your ability to earn an income with this program. The text message marketing industry is wide open and there are tons of opportunities out there to sell this to small businesses, it is entirely up to you and your efforts if you succeed.